Our Manufacturing Partners

We are lucky enough to work with some incredible manufacturing partners in Ireland, China and Singapore. Starting at the end of 2016 before our launch, we spent several months getting samples from close to 50 manufacturers to perfect our first collection of hoodies. Without the incredible network on Alibaba, this wouldn’t have been possible. Since then, we have developed very strong relationships with a selection of key suppliers and have been introduced to partners with incredible experience and expertise.

In 2020, we are looking to expand our network even further, adding partners who complement our current expertise. This involves attending trade shows in Europe (e.g. ISPO), Asia and the US and countless trips to visit the premises of any potential partner. Due to our increasingly varied product portfolio, we are eagerly working on developing partners in Portugal, Vietnam and India. All of our partners must sign up to our supplier code of conduct to ensure the values and goals of Gym+Coffee are upheld.

Gym+Coffee Approach to Sustainability

At the moment, we work with three core partners who are responsible for over 95% of our items. Keep reading to find out a bit more about each of them.

Working with knit fabrics since 1984, and stretching value without compromising on quality comes naturally to our Singapore head-quartered partner. They are a home-grown, family owned company with core values that emphasise business ethics, reliability, transparency and strong corporate governance. Their manufacturing capabilities span many categories in active wear and they are considered top of their field, working with brands such as Adidas, Puma, Under Armour and Lululemon.

Operating in 4 countries - Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Singapore, they work passionately with all clients to ensure global best-practice on compliance, quality control and working conditions. They self-report while also conducting rolling monthly audits with some of the biggest brands in the world.

We also work with a gym clothing manufacturer with its manufacturing base in Guangdong, just a few hours from Hong Kong. This partner has been verified as an Alibaba Gold Supplier since 2010. With over 16 years experience producing men’s and women's knitted wear including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, joggers, leggings, sports bras, tank tops, tracksuits, and swimwear, they were awarded Most Promising Alibaba Supplier in December 2016.

Gym+Coffee Coffee Bag Collection

Our Irish partner consists of a husband and wife team of urban cyclists & designers.  Their goal is to bring form, function and style to the cycle-to-work commuters, with the emphasis on all their products being handmade by them wherever they are.

The idea for their business was born in London, with the very first scribbles and ideas in 2014. Since then they have worked mostly out of their flat in London until August 2016, when they moved to rural Galway in Ireland. We are delighted to collaborate with the craftsmanship they can produce on a number of collections including backpacks and wash bags made of upcycled burlap coffee sacks. We are also proud to say these items were made in Ireland.

On top of these incredible partners, we also work with SGS.SGS are an internationally-renowned quality assurance company, and ensure we are meeting global standards in the quality of our products, manufacturer’s working conditions and overall regulatory compliance in respective countries. SGS tests our products during the production process and before they leave the factory, providing us with independent, comprehensive reports identifying any existing or potential issues. This work helps us to identify inefficiencies or potential red flags so we know that the products we produce and the environments they’re produced in are the best they can be. 

We know that no system is perfect, and we maintain a commitment to continued improvements and changes to process when and where ever challenges are identified. Some faults can still occur and we welcome advice and suggestions from the experts we work with on a daily basis.

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