Good Habits: Changing Your Morning with Erin Dusek

Good Habits: Changing Your Morning with Erin Dusek

Ahead of the launch of our brand new Lotus Collection, we spoke to Erin Dusek about the subtle art of filling our mornings with good habits and, most importantly, sticking with them.

Erin is a yoga, meditation and breathwork coach from London. After a 17 year career as a dancer, Erin found yoga and realised the power of the practice.

Since then, Erin has had a passion for helping others in the same way she has been helped.

The Power of Good Habits and a Healthy Lifestyle

Erin’s expertise lies in building habits. Having discovered the power of a strong morning routine herself, she is now helping others do the same.

“It changes everything for me. It helps shape my whole day. When you start the day with practices that balance you, calm you, help bring focus and joy, every other person in your life benefits from the interactions they have with you,” Erin says. “And that means pretty much all the situations you encounter are less stressful and more joyful and who doesn’t want that?”

Erin believes that a strong morning routine allows you to step into your day with “intention.”

Healthy Habits To Start With - Erin’s Routine

Everyone’s journey is different. Our lives may take us down different paths. Different careers. Different home lives.

Wherever it is we’re going, positive habits can send us on our way with a new level of calmness and strength, acting as protection against whatever may be thrown our way.

For Erin, she has four habits that she swears by.

  1. Yoga
  2. Breathwork
  3. Meditation
  4. Gratitude

“...gratitude practice helps raise my vibration and bring me into a positive place emotionally and mentally.”

Erin DusekErin wearing the Gym+Coffee Lotus set in Rosewood.

Erin religiously follows these key steps each morning in the above order, explaining “I find the yoga (or any movement of the body for that matter) primes and prepares the physical body for the breathwork, then the breathwork helps to bring balance to the nervous system and then the meditation allows me to find presence and to check in with what’s going on with me that day so I can make informed decisions from a place of self-awareness.”

“Then the gratitude practice helps raise my vibration and bring me into a positive place emotionally and mentally,” Erin adds.

How Long Does It Take To Form A Habit?

This is the age-old question: How long does it really take to make a habit stick?

We’ve all heard the phrase “It takes 28 days to form a habit,” but Erin has her own thoughts on this.

“I know that there are sources who say 14 days/21 days/28 days but I personally believe through my own experience that you can’t put an amount of time on how long it takes to form a habit,” Erin says.

“Keep starting again.”

Erin DusekGym+Coffee Lotus Collection is available now.

Erin explains “It will depend on how much motivation you have to actively form the habit. I believe it is a constant practice and when you stop practising, the habit stops. “

How to Stick to a Habit

When you first get started, you may have a few days where you’re absolutely smashing it. If life gets in the way though, as it so often does, you might miss a day or two.

The big question we face in this situation is: How do we set these things aside and get back on track?

“Be patient with yourself,” Erin tells us. “If you accidentally fall off the wagon, it doesn’t mean you have to completely throw in the towel! Just start again and keep starting again.”

Erin also stresses the importance of finding the right routine for you, explaining “Also be open to adapting your routine until you find the one that suits you most which may not necessarily be what someone has told you is right for you.”

For more support on your wellness journey, check out our chat with Sasha Morgan on pilates. You can also follow more from Erin here.

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