Marathon Mind

Marathon Mind is an ambitious project spearheaded by Irish podcaster, musician, former Gaelic professional athlete, mental health advocate and mindfulness practitioner, Niall Breslin.

Niall, affectionately known as 'Bressie' among the Irish public, will bring four individuals , each with their own unique challenges in life, on a 9-month journey to complete one of the most testing endurance events, a 26.2 mile marathon.

The Marathon Mind project's aim, is to coach these participants by training the mind to make the body strong. Not the other way around. 

A team of experts will provide coaching and guidance throughout the entirety of the process covering mindfulness, psychology, strength + conditioning, running training and nutrition. 

The really amazing part? You're invited along to become a participant in your own time. All training plans plus a monthly podcast and exclusive video + written content from our experts will be made available right here and on!