Our participants reach toward + beyond the 10 mile mark of their journey and we head firmly into Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. In this video, Niall Breslin speaks to adapting your training according to the weather and the importance of introducing hydration + fuel into your run.

Is the training getting tough? Definitely. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

The journey to completing a marathon is a complicated one. If you're following along on your own training journey, you're likely already realising that this isn't as simple as getting out and going for a few jogs. In this video, Niall Breslin answers some of our community's questions around nutrition and training and encourages you to park the ego, slow things down, and to answer the question 'What if this doesn't work?' with, 'Well, what IF it doesn't work? What have you gained in the process?!'

Feeling the heat or looking to start your Marathon Mind journey now? We caught up with Olympic Race Walker Robert Heffernan to answer some of our community's burning questions covering breathing techniques, treadmill training v. in the wild, weekly run pace + volume, flat v. hill training and what to do if you want to start now!

Check in with Niall Breslin for a Month One mindful motivation catch-up and pep talk! Staying on track can be tough; watch the video and ask yourself, What's my motivation? Why am I committed to this journey? How can I help myself stay focused?

Join Marathon Mind psychologist Louize Carroll for a check on on YOU. As you continue along your Marathon Mind journey, you're likely to hit some psychological bumps in the road. That's normal and actually, it's a good thing. Listen as Louize talks us through sitting in your discomfort, staying 'in the moment', being honest with yourself and learning that not only are emotions like frustration or anger normal, they can actually be helpful!