5 Gyms (you’ll love) to try in Melbourne

5 Gyms (you’ll love) to try in Melbourne

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New to the city, or looking for a way to to achieve your fitness goals in
2021? Try out one of these gyms now, and make this year your strongest
You’ll be among friends here. We’ve picked out 5 of the best gyms in the
east suburbs of Melbourne, where there are big Irish communities making
life richer. Your new PB’s are waiting...

Balaclava Fitness


Balaclava Fitness Centre in Melbourne

Balaclava Fitness @balaclavafitness

Get fitter, faster, stronger. This gym will push you out of your comfort zone
with CrossFit style workouts that throw in Olympic weightlifting,
gymnastics and conditioning movements in lung-bursting combinations.

The training is strong, but the community here is stronger. Whatever your
fitness level, you’ll be welcomed with open arms at Balaclava Fitness.

Southside Fitness 


Southside Fitness centre in Melbourne

Jesse Spezza, @southsidefitness_stkilda

This St Kilda gym offers group strength and conditioning classes, boxing,
Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With expert Irish personal trainers on site,
their ethos is all about enjoying the fitness journey- not focusing on a

It’s a place to become the best version of yourself, mentally
and physically, and have great craic in the process. Start your fitness journey the right way with South Side Fitness


Body Fit


Body Fit Gym Melbourne

Body Fit St Kilda, @bodyfit_stkilda

A Melbourne institution- you’ll find Body Fit studios in most suburbs, including St Kilda and Elsternwick. In 50 minute group functional training sessions, you’ll work through circuits of different strength and cardio movements programmed to keep you challenged and improving.

With digital technology you’ll be able to track your progress, and with the social training you’ll become part of the Body Fit crew in no time.


Upstate Studios


Upstate Studios fitness centre in Melbourne
Ed Sloane Photography, @upstate_studios @edsloanephoto

Upstate are all about creating a positive state of mind to drive you forward. Their Balaclava studio offers reformer and mat pilates, and yoga.

Whether firing up with a hot power flow, or slowing down with yin- you’ll feel strong, uplifted and empowered when you leave. Added bonus- they have live stream classes you can do from home too. 


The Hunt


The Hunt fitness centre in Melbourne

The Hunt Strength and Conditioning, @thehunt.sc

Looking for something more individual? Get the perfect combination of personal
training and access to group training at The Hunt in St Kilda.

Their highly tailored approach means you’ll be working at the level that suits your personal goals, and by jumping in ‘Lifter’, ‘Tenser’ or ‘Sweater’ classes, you can choose to move in the way you love the most. Get ready to get better with The Hunt.


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