Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

The term ‘self-care’ gets thrown around a lot but we want to take a moment to pause and emphasise just how important self-care really is. 

Sometimes, self-care is as simple as taking a minute to yourself for a cup of coffee. Sometimes that’s all you need in order to reset a little bit.

Sometimes though, there’s a little more that’s needed. We’ve been in a state of almost constant stress for a full year now here in Ireland and the mental health impacts are significant. Check in with yourself. If you have the capacity, check in with those around you. And if you’re not feeling well, seek help. 

We’ve created a list here of some mental health resources in Ireland. It’s not an exhaustive list but it’s a start, and we’d encourage you to add any resources you think might be helpful by emailing us at

Look after yourselves, and each other.

The Banyans Mental Health Retreat

Mental Health Services Australia 

Health Direct

Mental Health Australia

Mental Health Navigator

Head to Health

Your Mental Wellbeing

Public Mental Health Services