He represented Northern Ireland. Then he represented all of Ireland. Now, we couldn’t be more proud to have him represent us. Please welcome our newest Brand Ambassador and the latest addition to our Make Life Richer crew, Olympian and internationally acclaimed artistic gymnast, Rhys McLenaghan. Hailing from County Down, the young athlete is recognised as the most decorated Irish gymnast of all time.

“I think that it’s the ability to push your body to the limit… When I’m flying through the air, doing a somersault, doing a twist, it feels like I’m superhuman. And that’s a feeling that I don’t get from anything else in life.”

In 2018 he earned the gold medal competing on the pommel horse for Northern Ireland in the Commonwealth Games and surpassed his competition yet again by taking the win at the European Championships that same year. He swept up the bronze medal competing on the pommel horse at the World Championships final in 2019 and became the first-ever Irish gymnast to not only qualify but also win a European medal.

Lockdown couldn’t keep him down either. He maintained his unwavering dedication to his craft by training tirelessly for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with the help of his zealous and meticulous coach Luke Carson, reaching the men’s final and placing 7th overall.

“...I love gymnastics because of how I feel free when I do it. I feel

ike I’m capable of doing anything.”

When he’s not raking in achievements, he’s documenting his progress on his YouTube channel, regularly encouraging us to stretch and get moving. As an enthusiastic advocate for sports psychology, his inspiring motivation, optimistic nature, and unshakable ambition exemplify our goal to make life richer. We are absolutely ecstatic to have him join the team and can’t wait to see what else the future has in store for him.