The Evolution of Our Style

The Evolution of Our Style

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Innovation and evolution are key to our product team and to Gym+Coffee as a whole. We are always working on improving and fine-tuning our products, many times in ways that are not immediately noticeable but that we know will make a difference to how you train, chill and work in our gear.

When designing our products, we lean on the feedback we receive from our community as much as we look to industry trends, experts and innovations. Any opportunity to make an improvement or offer something new is relished and taken up with both hands whether it’s something as small as a zip-garage or as big as athleisure made from 100% recycled fabrics. 

With the imminent release of our latest collection, now seemed like a great time to highlight some of the details that we’ve introduced or improved upon since we started!!


Sustainable Materials

In 2020, we launched our sustainable range of athleisure,  The Amárach Collection.  Made from up to 100% rPET materials, this is an exciting step in our journey toward a more sustainable future. As we continue to design and create, we are committed to a minimum 30% of our complete range coming from sustainable sources, made from sustainable materials or created using sustainable practices. 

Learn more about our ongoing Sustainability Story  here!

The Amarach Collection Sustainable athleisure

Leggings Design 

One of our most in-demand items since launch are  our leggings  and they’re also one of the items that we review most regularly. As innovations and expectations change, so too do our leggings! We’ve updated the side seams on our All-In range of leggings and introduced the new  Swift Collection,  catering more to the gym-going and hard-core training portion of our community.

Curved back seams, side pockets, mesh inserts and seam placement reviews have all gone into producing our best leggings yet. And we’re not done yet!

Gym+Coffee Women's Leggings


Part of our design evolution means continuing to push ourselves in what we produce and partnering with experts in their respective fields.  The Coffee Bag Collection  was a joint venture with cycling bag brand  Vel-Oh,  taking recycled coffee sacks and up-cycling them into high-end carry bags. We’ve also teamed up with Waste2Wear, a fabric innovation company specialising in using recycled materials, and we’re proud to say we are currently the only brand offering their award-winning, sustainable  ‘I Used to be a Fridge’  bags!

I Used to be a Fridge Sustainable carry bag


The more we grow, the more we learn and one of our earliest improvements was the introduction of double-stitching on the hemlines of our hoodie garments.This improves the integrity of the item and makes sure that it’s lifespan is extended. Our athleisure is meant for movement and double-stitching makes a big difference in how our clothing withstands more intense activity. Check out some of our  gear made specifically for training  and test the limits for yourself!

Men's Workout Training Tee


Not all hoodies are created equal and one of the most impactful improvements we made was the introduction of zip-garages to our full range of  Hoodies. A zip-garage is a small piece of fabric that sits at the collar of a hoodie and covers the zip, preventing any discomfort for the wearer. When you’re out + about on your Make Life Richer mission, the last thing you want is to be bothered by a necessary element of your clothing. The humble zip-garage keeps your mind on the mantra and away from the metal!

Women's White Zip Hoodie in Navy Blue

Thumbhole Cuffs

Many of our  long sleeve products, including our range of  hoodies, have thumbhole cuffs to keep you cosy and to combat garment movement during training. Since our very first collection was launched, we’ve been looking at ways to make these as comfy + functional as possible. We increased the sizing of the thumbhole early on and more recently, we’ve begun to introduce varied styles to reflect the functionality and wear of a product.

Gym+Coffee White Upside Zip Thumbholes

New Zippers

When we first started out, we didn’t realise just how key the choice of zipper would be in building an awesome athleisure range. We now exclusively use YKK zippers for the sole reason that these are the holy grail of zippers and you can’t surpass them in quality. Only the best!

Men's Sierra Fleece hoodie in Green

Custom Fabric Ordering

Ensuring weight + colour consistency of fabric is a more intricate and involved process than you might think. We have now introduced custom-ordering of fabric to combat any continuity issues so you know that when you order that coveted  Pink Fleck Hoodie,  you’re getting the same quality of fabric no matter how many times you re-up on the item.

Women's Pink Fleck hoodie hanging in store

Heat Transfer Logos

We have introduced heat-transfer logos for some of our more technical pieces for a couple of reasons. Items like our  Women’s LeggingsMen’s Shorts and  Parker Pro  tops are designed to use lightweight materials for better performance. This means that a traditional embroidered logo can compromise the fabric - basically, it’s too heavy. We now use heat transfers to address this and we made them reflective, too - safety first guys.

Men's Parker Pro Long Sleeve top in Teal

There’s lots going on behind the scenes over here at G+C HQ and remember that if you ever have any suggestions for new gear or improvements to existing items,  we’d only love to hear from you!

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