Niall Breslin's Marathon Mind

Niall Breslin's Marathon Mind


This is a big week.

We are unbelievably delighted to join forces with Niall Breslin, host of the Where is My Mind? podcast, mental health advocate, and all-round sound guy as he embarks on a 9-month journey with 4 individuals, to ready them mind, body + soul to run 26.2 miles of a marathon.

Welcome to Marathon Mind

This is a journey with a difference. Each participant will receive coaching, guidance and support from a team of experts, leading with a healthy mind relationship before they delve into the physical training needed to run a marathon. This is an exercise in how we can train our mind to make the body strong - not the other way around.

Sign up below to follow along with us and maybe even complete a marathon yourself! All the psychology, mindfulness, nutrition and strength + conditioning plans will be made available each month on our channels.  

You’ll also have access to exclusive content here on so you can better get to know the participants, their stories and the coaches that are supporting their collective goal.

Listen to the first in a monthly series of podcasts here (live now!) and check back in as the training schedule kicks off on Monday, March 8th!