The Gym+Coffee +Pause event in London where participants are taking part in a Yoga session led by Tiffany Soi.


To mark World Mental Health Day on October 10th, we ran a month-long agenda of activities to raise awareness, encourage conversation and shine a spotlight on our community who came together to support one another. Take a look at what our crew got up to.

We hosted our first ever +Pause mental health event in Central London. This was a 3-day pop-up well-being sanctuary where members of our community came together in a calm and supportive environment to relax, chat, listen, move, rest, and prioritise their mental health.

Walk Talk Walk leading the Gym+Coffee crew on a walk around Central London.RunTalkRunSanctuary RunnersNichola SuitorSolace House + Caroline McKenna hosted Walk+Talk sessions across 6 of our G+C Clubhouses and beyond on World Mental Health Day to allow our community to come together, have important conversations and support one another.

    Niall Horan's Guide Sleep Narration for World Mental Health DayWe shared a Guided Sleep Narration audiotrack recorded by the one and only, Niall Horan. With many struggling to sleep during these crazy times of the past 18 months, Niall was keen to help in any way possible and the reaction to his ‘bedtime story’ was phenomenal. You can listen to it here.

    James Sutliff shares his inspiring story as part of the MLR Series.Watch how James Sutliff carved his own path in life through exercise, community and perseverance after his diagnosis with dystonia. Our first MLR video series is a must-watch and brings so much hope and inspiration to those out there who may be going through a tough time. Watch it here now.

    Phelim Gallagher participating in the Marathon Mind journey completing a long training run in Donegal.As the monumental Marathon Mind journey nears its conclusion, we heard back from all the participants a month out from race day. A battle of physical endurance and most importantly, mental resilience. Click through to hear more from PhelimMarionMichelle and Danny.

    Lara Gillespie, MLR ambassador, enjoying some time spent with nature, shares her thoughts on connection and why it is important for one's mental health.How can we look after our mental health in different ways? What techniques are most effective in maintaining a fresh, clear head? Hear from some of our MLR ambassadors on how they MOVEREST + CONNECT for their mental health.