What is Make Life Richer?

What is Make Life Richer?

Since we started Gym+Coffee in 2017, our burning passion has been to Make Life Richer. Doing everything we could to build a community around this passion and encouraging as many people as possible to socialise around exercise. Because an active and connected life is a richer life. Cultural trends in Ireland + UK were changing and we knew, from experiences living overseas, that these changes in lifestyle could have massive impacts on people’s lives. So, we set up Gym+Coffee (yes, a weird name) and made it our mission to spread our passion as much as we could.

Make Life Richer is not a slogan or a demand, it's not about finding yourself or seeking perfection and it's different for all of us. Make Life Richer means living a full life. It means trying new things, persisting with things, creating new versions of your life constantly. It means believing in something bigger than yourself and most importantly, having a positive impact on the communities you are part of. Rich in health, happiness, experiences, friendship, community - it is the passion we live for. Because a richer life is a better life.

We have used this as our guiding light over the last few years. It informs who we partner with, what products we design and what events we host. We have hosted over 300 events since 2017 and are proud to work with many partners who do incredible things for their communities. If you’re encouraging people to socialise around exercise, we’re in! And a lot has changed since 3 guys started Gym+Coffee to a community of over 600,000 people. Trends change, topics change, people change. Luckily, physical and mental health are much more to the forefront in people’s lives now. However, feelings of loneliness and obesity are on the rise so we all must do more to help others and have a positive impact on our communities.

The key to it all is taking the first step and believing in something bigger than yourself. Make Life Richer is an invitation. At a time when people are expressing to us that they feel more isolated than ever, we thought it was time to turn up the volume. So, we decided to take our one true passion, print it as BIG as we bloody could and put it on the back of our latest capsule launch. It’s time to stand up, reach out to others and shout: MAKE LIFE RICHER!